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Selecting the Winners

  • Our Panel will look at all books submitted in each category. Books are judged on many different factors that include, but are not limited to, style, writing technique, reviews, started reviews, book covers and the author's online presence. Quality is key for our panel and we encourage all to apply for a chance to win. 

  • Winners will be notified by email of their win. We reserve the right to choose as many finalists as we think qualify for this honor.

  • Once you nominate your book you will be prompted to enter your book details Into the intake form. 

  • Once you nominate your book you will be directed to an intake form where you can upload your Mobi or Pdf. of the book manuscript. If you don't have a digital upload we will purchase your eBook on Amazon for the competition. 

Prize Details & Requirements 

  • There are four Awards throughout the year. Spring,  Summer, Fall and Winter. See Dates Above for Start and Close Dates. 

  • You can nominate your book for one Chance to Win or you can nominate your book for four chances to win.

  • It is possible to win four awards throughout the year.

  • Winners will Receive:

    • Social Media Support & Amplification

    • Author will be awarded a celebratory badge and digital certificate of the victory. 

    • Once an author wins an award they are automatically entered into the Grand Prize Finally. 

    • Grand Prize Finally Winners will also be inducted into the Four Seasons Book Review Hall of Fame for Life.

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